'This is what a collaberation between Johnny Dowd and Nick Cave for a slasher movie would sound like'

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'Late night stuff to be played while riding high on a stimulant of choice'
Here Comes The Flood

18/07/2017 't Spektakel,  Asten
21/11/2017 Melkweg, Amsterdam


26/04/2016 De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam
20/04/2016 Concerto, Amsterdam
2/02/2017 De Vorstin, Hilversum
24/01/2017 De Nieuwe Anita (acoustic gig), Amsterdam
14/01/2017 Patronaat, Haarlem
31/12/2016 New Year's Eve Party De Nieuwe Anita , Amsterdam
16/12/2016 Koornbeurs, Delft

26/11/2016 Cafe De Flierefluiter, Apeldoorn

25/11/2016Zaal 100 Amsterdam
29/7/2016 De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam
13/5/2016 Zaal 100, Amsterdam
Mandala Festival, Wanroij
30/06/2017 The Cover, Gent (BE)
01/07/2017 The Rocking Bull, Antwerpen (BE)